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The Perfect Summit Trek for Beginners

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Looking for an adventure to add excitement to your mundane routine? Dayara Bugyal is the perfect trekking and camping destination in Uttarakhand for every mountain lover. Ideal for experienced and beginner trekkers both, this 6-day long trek is an easy gradually ascending hike in terms of difficulty level. Offering unique palates in every season, the panoramic sights of Garhwal Himalayan peaks from Dayara Top leave one stunned in awe of its sheer beauty.

The place got its name from the locals that translate Dayara as ‘circular piece of land’ and Bugyal as ‘high altitude meadows.’ And it undoubtedly lives up to more than its name. Travelers can cherish pleasantly cold weather to high snowfall on the Dayara Bugyal trek in the winter season. Thick pine and oak jungles, glistening streams, snow-clad Himalayan ranges backdrop, rich fauna, and amazing camping sites are all one needs for a happy-go-lucky adventurous trip to cherish forever.


Dayara Bugyal Trek

Location: Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

Trek Distance: 21 Km

About Dayara Bugyal

Situated at an elevation of about 12,000 meters above sea level, Dayara Bugyal is a lesser-known trek situated in Uttarkashi. One can expect fresh greenery and vibrant flowers in summer and snow-covered vistas in winter are a sight to behold. On this expedition, you’ll witness the endless sights of lush meadows covered in glittering snow in December-January- making Dayara Bugyal the best winter trek in Uttarakhand.

Located at a distance of about 30 km from Uttarkashi, Barsu/Raithal is the base camp for Dayara Bugyal. This little hamlet offers the beautiful landscapes of forestry beauty slant on one side and snow-peaked Gangotri ranges, Bandarpunch, Kala Naag, Srikhand Mahadev, and Swargarohini peaks on the other.

Dayara Bugyal Trip Highlights

  • Scenic drive from Dehradun to Raithal across the oak and pine forests.
  • Lush green meadows for camping every day.
  • Trek to and camp beside low-altitude Gui Lake surrounded by greenery and snow in winter.
  • Breathtaking views of snow-clad Himalayan peaks from Dayara Top.
  • Delicious food and evening/morning beverages and snacks every day.
  • Attested permits to enter the forest and other premises with an experienced guide

Details of Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

When choosing for all-season trekking, the Dayara Bugyal trek is the best choice to make where you will find less traveled forest terrains and the majestic views of snow-capped Himalayan ranges from the summit.

Why choose Dayara Bugyal for the trek?

Our Trek Leader and Founder of KAI (Kailash Adventure India), Ankit Bharti, breathes mountain life most of his time. Since his first successful trekking group, he is unstoppable. Hence, we, at KAI, a group of professional trekking companies based in Dehradun always thrive to provide the most immersive trekking and camping experience in the Himalayas.

Now, coming to the eternal question- why choose us? Well, why choose an adventure company to plan your trek?

Smaller Group Sizes

As a trekker, you want to take in as much of the surroundings as possible without many hindrances. And we respect your concern. At KAI, we believe in- the smaller the size of the group the better. That’s why we’ve arranged for 8 to 20 people in a group, excluding trek guides and chauffeur. This allows you to enjoy the authentic beauty, culture, landscapes, and flavors of the place like a local.

Experienced Trek Guides

You can expect the most experienced trek guides and local support team from Kailash Adventure India. Not only about the place but you get to explore the unexplored with our tour guides. They pretty well know the region in and around, and with the help of local supporters, there’s no chance that you could go under any mishap.

Your Safety is in Our Hands

At KAI, your safety is the most important thing to us. We have hired trained and experienced guides to keep you safe in the field. Not just this, they are always ready for the unexpected- including the climatic conditions and natural disasters- the things out of the itinerary schedule. We provide you with the same high-quality safety gear that we use before going trekking and other adventure activities to keep all of us safe.

Responsible Traveling

Traveling is not only about reaching the summit and exploring new places; it’s a calling that drives you there. And when you experience such serene unspoiled mountains and their surroundings, you would voluntarily want to protect and keep them intact. With this core & simple value, you must use recyclable or reusable items. And that includes absolutely no use of plastic or use and throw foil wraps. Even if a situation demands, keep an extra bag for collecting litter. Always remember- leave no trace!

No Compromise With Quality of Service

The moment you book your trek with us, your travel essentials and comfort falls under expert care. Until you board a flight back to your home after successfully completing the trip. From water and food to a comfortable stay in a hotel/homestay/tent and medical supplies, we take care of every little to bigger detail to ensure you have a flawless travel experience.

Easy and Secure Booking

We have a user-friendly interface to not leave you confused or misguided with complex designs. It not only is easier for elders but youngsters can also benefit from our easy-to-understand language and interface. Once you’re happy with the details of your preferred trip you can securely proceed to book your trip through the KAI’s online payment platform.

Our Team is Always At Your Service

Want to make changes to your itinerary or include a thing or two? Our travel professionals are 24*7 available to assist with anything related to planning or booking a trip with us. We help you reschedule your travel dates, answer your travel-related safety queries, provide detailed services we offer during the trip, and much more. Call us at [phone_number] and get your questions and concerns ready to get answered with precision.

Best Time to Visit Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal Trek In Winter

If you love snow, the winter season is the best time to plan your Dayara Bugyal trek. In October, Dayara meadows and forests start turning golden brown with crisp winter breezes. And, it snuggles under the thick blanket of snow from December till February, making the surroundings surreal. The temperature at night at times drops to 0 to -8 degrees. The days become comfortable with temperatures between 8 to 12 C degrees.

Dayara Bugyal Trek In Monsoon

Dayara, perching at the high altitude pasture lands, receives heavy rainfall in July and August. Chances are frequent landslides and apparent road blockage. It is both the best and the most dangerous time to visit Dayara Bugyal in monsoon with the temperature remaining between 20 and 8 degrees.

Dayara Bugyal Trek In Summer

Summer hits Dayara most beautifully. The snow starts to melt in the spring months of March and April. By May, the weather becomes warm and favorable with temperatures between 25 and 9 degrees Celsius. It is the best time for trekking as there are no fog, drizzle, or clouds and the peaks are clearly visible from a distance. Though, you’re advised to carry light woolen clothes as the nights become a little cold even in searing summer.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Cost

The Dayara Trek package prices depend on the starting point of your journey. The average cost of the Dayara Buyal Trek package starts at [package_cost] for 6 days and 5 nights per person. The cost depends upon the number of people in a group and the days of the trek. And includes meals, stays, quality of service, and an experienced trek guide. Our package for the Dayara Bugyal trek from Dehradun includes the fare of an AC/semi-sleeper bus and taxi and all meals throughout the trip after reaching the capital city of Uttarakhand.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Height

Situated at a height of around 11,939 ft. (3639 meters) above sea level, Dayara Bugyal is one of the highest alpine meadows in Uttarakhand. This 6-day trek commences from the quaint mountain village of Raithal. The trail heads through the pine and oak-dense jungles of Gui and Chilpada. From here, one can clearly see the snow-clad Garhwal Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand including Nanda Devi, Swargarohini, and Bandarpunch peaks. The trek is open throughout the year and offers gradually ascending routes with easy trekking levels.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Distance

The total distance from Dehradun to Dayara Bugyal is about 185km. Among these, you will cover the trekking distance of 19 km from Raithal to Gui and finally to Dayara Top.

Your Dayara Bugyal trekking expedition will begin with a rejuvenating drive from Dehradun with us. You will reach Raithal village, your first camping site, in about 7-8 hours of driving. From here, your Dayara Bugyal trek starts.

Embark on 5 hours of easy ascending trek that will take you to your Gui, your next lakeside campsite amid alpine thickets.

Next, you will cover the distance from Gui to Chilpada and finally to Dayara Top of 6 km with an easy difficulty level. It will take 4 to 5 days to complete this trek which is packed with lots of fun and ascend-descend in the mystical wilderness.

Itinerary for Dayara Bugyal Trek

Day 01 Dehradun to Raithal Village (2,100M)
Distance: 192 kms (Dehradun to Raithal)
Duration: 8 Hours

Drive out from Dehradun early in the morning to reach Raithal, the base camp of Dayara Bugyal. Enjoy the picturesque routes of Uttarkashi and the Bhagirathi River flowing ferociously beside your journey.

Upon reaching Raithal, place your luggage in the pre-booked hotel/homestay/tent and freshen up. Head out of your room and cherish the picturesque sunset colors on the John Lee and Draupadi ka Danda peaks. Return to your hotel for dinner and have a sound sleep.

Day 02 Raithal (2,100M) to Gui Campsite (2,948M)
Distance: 06 kms
Duration: 04 Hours

Wake up to the amazing sunrise and have a delicious Garhwali breakfast with a hot coffee/tea cup. Pack your essentials and take the first steps to the Dayara Top via Gui from Raithal. It will take around 5-6 hours of trekking through the dense jungle dotted with oak and rhododendron trees. You will come across several vast clearings and small huts sitting on the edge, where you can rest for a bit.

Upon reaching the campsite at Gui, set your tents, place your bags, and have a hot beverage with energetic food. Enjoy the panoramic view of the majestic Srikhand Mahadev and Gangotri I, II, and III peaks and a glistening small Gui Lake nearby. Get the bonfire going, enjoy the cold night under the starry sky after a delicious dinner, and sleep in your tents.

Day 03 Gui to Chilapada Campsite (3,094M)
Distance: 06 kms
Duration: 05 - 06 Hours

Have breakfast at the Gui campsite and embark on a small trek of 3km to the next destination, Chilpada. Keep trekking for about 30 minutes and you will see some thatched Huts. Have some water and catch a breath here. Capture the beautiful views of Gangotri, Srikanth Mahadev, and Jaonli Peaks.

Soak in the natural wonders and start trekking uphill where you will spot a couple of water streams, flowing or frozen or dry, depending on the season. After an hour and a half of hiking, you will arrive at the next campsite in the Chilpada meadows. Have a hot refreshment or food and stroll around the vast pasture. Admire the magnificent views of Bandarpunch and Kala Nag peaks. Go to sleep in your tents for the big day tomorrow.

Day 04 Chilapada Campsite to Dayara top (3,750M)
Distance: 09 kms
Duration: 5.5 Hours

Finally, Dayara Bugyal Summit trek day is here!

Start trekking early to cover the 5km trek from Chilpada to Dayara Bugyal top. Perched at the elevation of 12,057 feet, it will take around 5-6 hours to reach the top.

After a refreshing forest walk for about an hour, you will again spot a few Chania huts on the edge of vast and beautiful Dayara meadows. Relax here for some time to regain your energy. Now, it is time to climb a steep trail across alpine thickets leading to Gidara Pass and climb the ridge on the left leading to Gidara Bugyal. From here we will climb up to Devkund/Jhandi Top, where Dayara meadows end, and will ascend towards the mind-boggling Dodital range. Soak in the pleasures of nature for a few minutes and climb towards Jhandi Top, the final point of Dayara Top. From here, one can relish the jaw-dropping sights of Bandarpunch Peak so close, surrounded by snowy rhododendron forest.

We will start descending to the Nayata campsite blessed with maple and rhododendron forests. Situated at an elevation of about 2800 meters, it will take around 3-4 hours to trek down from Dayara Top to Nayata to cover the distance of 6km. Upon reaching, get freshen up and have a scrumptious dinner. Overnight stay at the campsite.

Day 05 Nayata to Raithal (2,100M)
Distance: 04 kms
Duration: 3-4 Hours

Your days amid Dayara Bugyal meadows and quaint villages end today. Get up early for breakfast and pack your bags to return to the base campsite- Raithal. You will cover a 5km distance from Nayata to Raithal via Gui which would take around 3-4 hours of easy trek. After an hour of descent, you will spot the Gui and Raithal villages from a distance.

We will stop at any one point for refreshments and relive Dayara Bugyal Trek days before starting to march down. Upon reaching the homestay in the quaint Raithal, place your bags in your rooms and take some rest in cozy and comfortable rooms.

Day 06 Drive Back to Dehradun | The Trip Ends Here
Distance: 192 kms
Duration: 08 hours

Enjoy a final cup of a hot tea or coffee in Raithal and get ready to wave byes to the proudly standing Himalayas. Your cab will be waiting outside early in the morning. The journey will take 7-8 hours of drive to cover the distance of about 185 km from Raithal to Dehradun.

Enjoy the gushing sound of the Bhagirathi River by your side when you feel the soft and cool breeze of the mountains on your face. You will reach Dehradun by late afternoon or evening, depending on the weather and road conditions. Disembark at Dehradun Railway Station/Bus Stand and head back home with loads of adventurous and beautiful memories.


  • All meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner) throughout the trek
  • Clean and sanitized tents and bedding for camping throughout the trek.
  • Our Dayara Bugyal trek package includes all important and basic trekking equipment- sleeping bag, trekking pole, tents, snow boots, etc
  • Any fees applicable on forest camping and forest entry permits
  • Experienced trek leader and mountaineering guide
  • Transportation from Dehradun to Dehradun


  • Pickup and drop facility from Dehradun Bus Stand and railway station
  • Any personal expenses like offerings at the temple, shopping, etc
  • Anything not mentioned in the ‘inclusions’ specifically

Things to Know Before Going On Dayara Bugyal Trek

  • During the monsoon season, Dayara Bugyal receives heavy rainfall that leads to cloudbursts and landslides. So, avoid trekking in this season.
  • Children up to the age of 10 years are not allowed on the Dayara trek without a legal guardian. Those above 15 years, will have to bring a signed application from a legal guardian stating you’re allowed on the trek and at your own risk.
  • The place is surrounded by dense forests and snow-covered trails; it’s advised to get a guide and take no chance of going missing in the wilderness.
  • Pack only the important things. Keep the weight as light as possible to go on the trek and spare yourself from carrying heavy luggage.
  • Bring original valid ID proof like an Adhar Card, Driving license, and passport with you at the time of embarking on the trek.
  • Network and internet connectivity are not so good in Dayara. Make sure to contact your family or anyone in particular on the phone before entering the low/no network area.
  • There are no water sources from Gui to Dayara Top. So, bring enough water to keep you hydrated during the trek.
  • Situated at higher altitudes, Dayara doesn't get much electricity. So, make sure to charge your digital gadgets and pack extra batteries and power banks up to 20,000 mAh to last the complete trek.
  • Camping is about getting acquainted with nature. Therefore, don’t expect any luxury on the trek. Make sure to pack dry food like energy bars, dry fruits, and nuts for the trek.
  • Be a responsible traveler and avoid littering in nature. Say no to any kind of plastic and use reusable or recyclable items to pack your stuff.

Trek Essentials to Carry

Before you swing your backpack on your shoulder and head to trek the Dayara Bugyal top, make sure you have packed all the essential belongings in your bag including;

  • 1. Warm waterproof jacket, pullover, tees, and track pants
  • 2. Good trekking shoes that also work on snow treks
  • 3. Rain cover (for precaution)
  • 4. Medium-size backpack or fanny pack to keep personal things
  • 5. Torch, power banks. and extra batteries
  • 6. Extra pair of necessary clothing and toiletries
  • 7. Lighter or matches for fire
  • 8. Pack energy bars and dry fruits to keep you energized during trekking
  • 9. Reusable Thermos/Water bottle and lunch box
  • 10. Extra warm blanket (if needed)

FAQ's About Kedarkantha Trek

Ans. The difficulty level of the Dayara Top Trek is easy to moderate. Hence, it’s the best trekking place to visit in Uttarakhand for beginners as well. Dayara is a heavenly hamlet throughout all seasons.

Ans. Yes, the Dayara Bugyal trek is safe for any kind of trekker and backpacker above 10 years of age. For those who are under any kind of medication or have breathing issues, consult your doctors and get a permit to climb the 12,057 ft rough terrain leading to the top.

Ans. The Dayara Bugyal Trek is open for all in the winter (December-February), spring (March-April), summer (May-June), and autumn (October-November) seasons. The monsoon season brings moderate to heavy rainfall. That results in landslides and road blockage, hence it is advisable to avoid going in July-September.

Ans. Yes. December marks the first snowfall in Dayara meadows, covering the entire path with knee-deep snow and frozen streams. The temperature drops below 7C to -5C during the days and the nights respectively. So, pack the warmest woolen, thermals, and extra pair of essential clothing like trousers, socks, scarves, and hats to keep from the harsh mountainous breeze.

Ans. No, Dayara Bugyal Trek can’t be done alone. Even if you go alone with the permit, you’ll require a local guide to accompany you to enter the premises. To make your planning hassle-free, KAI introduces the ideal packages under your budget that includes an experienced trek guide, food, stays.

Ans. Anyone who loves mountains and wants to spend some time in the wild can do the Dayara Bugyal summit trek. Even if you’re a first-timer, the easy gradually ascending terrains make it simple to trek. Just start doing some exercise like running, skipping, or cycling for at least 20 days before you embark on your trekking expedition. Those under medication or who have any breathing problems, must consult and be prescribed by their doctors. And children below 10 years of age are not allowed on the trek without a legal guardian.